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Variety in the Vinschgau Valley

Compared to other valleys in South Tyrol, Vinschgau has always been different. The landscape is impoverished, yet fertile. The mountain world is not only splendid, but offers something for hikers and mountaineers alike. The people come from rural conditions, but are amongst the most creative in South Tyrol. Art has been part of everyday life in Vinschgau for many decades. The town of Glurns is like an outdoor museum, it is surrounded by a fully preserved medieval circular wall. The valley basin is characterised by orchards and vineyards.


Walkers are well-catered for, with plenty of destinations in the vicinity, not to mention easy access via the Vinschgerbahn to the starting points for many other hikes.


People from all trails of life, leisure bikers to passionate bikers, have made it their mission to leave no inch of our area undiscovered. They simply love having a nice, relaxing ride or even having a go at demanding trails winding their way down from the top of our mountains.


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